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Patch for 0.2.2018.12.15 version

Hello my friends,Gardeners


This patch includes:


  • Fix the quest progress counter used by Champion T276 Brushcutter
  • Fix the experience counter used by Champion T276 Brushcutter
  • Fix the names in the Inventory slots,when Champion T276 is in Inventory
  • Fix the integers in the Inventory slots.


After installation of this patch to the game will be fixed.


Here is Installation Guide:


The file "gs-WindowsNoEditor.pak" you must move or copy to the destination in your HDD,for example "C:..\gs_0_2_2018_12_15\gs\Content\Paks".

If windows you asks what to do with an original file in the destination, you must choose "to replace" option and wait until windows explorer finishes the copy operation.


After this you can run the game and enjoy it fully.


Thank you,gardeners. Bye


With the best regards,Martin Bela.


gs 0 2 2018 12 15 Patch 1 0
22.12.2018 08:53:48
Martin Beľa

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