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Gardener simulator Update#0.3.2019.04.25

Alpha 3 version is OUT! Fixed some bugs, GUI improved, added new content. Free DOWNLOAD.
Hello Gardeners
It's been a while, I know more than month actually. You haven't heard from me because I was quite busy unfortunately. So I couldn't work on my game. Though I'm not here to write you what couldn't be done. Today I want to present to you my longtime expected Alpha 3 version and also some other things that I've worked on since the last alpha version.
So here's the summary:

Bugfixes =>

  • Perk system bug fixed.
  • Sale of machines bug fixed.
  • Setup save bug fixed.
  • Loading game bug fixed.

Changes =>

  • Extended inventory.
  • Edited web design of e-store and second-hand shop.
  • Adjusted inventory design.
  • Planting controls improved.
  • Planting system improved.

Added =>

  • Plants Inventory added + new design.
  • Banking system added.
  • Durability system added.
  • System of repairing machines added.
  • Minirider added.
  • New level added.
  • Music added -> 5 tracks.
  • Tutorial added.

I've been also working on the video recently.
We might consider it as gameplay trailer No.1.

Instalation Guide:

Download this file as *.zip archive and open that with winrar, or deamon tools, or other software which is able to open this format. After then extract whole archive to single file and save it on your HDD.

Then open file "Gardener Simulator" and run "gs.exe", then game is running.

Enjoy it and thank you for feedback.

Gardener simulator Update#0.3.2019.04.25

25.04.2019 19:55:04
Martin Beľa

About project

Gardener Simulator is still in development by actually Solo developer Martin Bela. On this page you can find videos,screenshots and sometimes alpha versions of the game. Ofcourse here is also support and space for your ideas,about which we can discuss in the Forum part of this page.

Thank you for your visit of Gardener simulator web sites and supporting me.

Go and try my alpha version of the game

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