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The Inventory was extended, added a new machine and PerkBugs was fixed.

Hello friends.
In this DevBlog I want to inform you that I have completed the expansion of player's Inventory with adding all of thumbs and it's implemented to
the save system too. I have completed the implementation of new machine-Minirider lawn tractor too.
Next update of the game will include the Bugfix of the perks of lower prices in the garden shop. Maybe you have noticed that after loading the
game this perks weren't loaded as active (if you had activated them before).
So this is a little progress of gardener simulator developing.

In the next time I will be working on editing of planting system and expansion of plants inventory which means that the new models of plants
will be added too.
The game content will be enriched in new machines but all about that in the next DevBlogs.

Thank you friends for support, Bye.

14.02.2019 19:47:17
Martin Beľa

About project

Gardener Simulator is still in development by actually Solo developer Martin Bela. On this page you can find videos,screenshots and sometimes alpha versions of the game. Ofcourse here is also support and space for your ideas,about which we can discuss in the Forum part of this page.

Thank you for your visit of Gardener simulator web sites and supporting me.

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