Welcome to the Web page of the video game Gardener Simulator.


-new plants and flowerpots
-jerrycan bug fixed
-video, controls and graphics settings
A new presentative Gardener Simulator Icon.
A new presentative Gardener Simulator Icon.
Tutorial is done! Preparations for Alpha 3 version release!
UE4Editor 2019-02-27 21-27-06-05.jpg
In this DevBlog I describe completed features like improved plant system, improved GUI and durability system of machines.
Hello my friends, Gardeners.
Today I've finished the new feature which will be added to the game in the next update.

About project

Gardener Simulator is still in development by actually Solo developer Martin Bela. On this page you can find videos,screenshots and sometimes alpha versions of the game. Ofcourse here is also support and space for your ideas,about which we can discuss in the Forum part of this page.

Thank you for your visit of Gardener simulator web sites and supporting me.

Go and try my alpha version of the game

Download Gardener simulator Update#0.3.2019.04.25 - Indie DB
Or visit this link or this one